Butane honey oil, also known as butane hash oil (BHO) or dabs, is a marijuana extract that’s heated with a butane torch until all the plant matter is burnt away, leaving a sticky, wax-like resin that contains a high concentration of THC. Smoking this form of the drug produces a more intense high. This form of smoking, called “dabbing,” is done by heating up a special pipe (often with a small butane torch) until it’s red hot, then using a tool to touch the resin to the inside of the pipe. This produces a smoke instantly that is then quickly inhaled. Individuals who have been using marijuana for an extended period of time often turn to BHO because it allows them to experience a high that reminds them of the first time they ever took the drug. It produces a blissful high that also impedes coordination and reflexes more than smoking the plant form of marijuana. This concentrate packs a robust cerebral punch with 90% THC. The potent high can be described as clear & focused when vaporized or dabbed, but when ingested it can also help treat chronic pain with a strong body effect.